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About the video:

As a unified knowledge source for healthcare organizations, Stoltenberg provides dependable IT help desk services, flexible support and deep market understanding.

We cover your hospital’s help desk 24/7, 365 days a year, or based on your timing needs—All with no offshoring.

We resolve an average of over 7,000 calls per month, with 84 percent or more of requests resolved in the first interaction.

Stoltenberg has been in business since 1995 and holds vast experience in all the major EHR vendor technology, both clinical and financial, with capability to adapt to clients of any sizes.

So if alleviating stretched internal staff from help desk support interests you, visit stoltenberg.com to request more information.

Client’s Testimonial:

“Eggplain and Jeremy were really easy to work with in creating a high-quality, quick turnaround video within my limited budget. Feedback and change requests are implemented very quickly.

Plus, Eggplain did a great job of understanding my company and industry in order to properly convey my video message.”

Shana Tachikawa, Director of Communication at Stoltenberg