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About the video:

Okay, so how does the Fixing You: Interactive Online Clinic work?

Simple, you’ll pick a zone of the body to work on. If you have neck, shoulder, elbow pain, or headaches you’ll choose the Upper Body Zone. If you have low back or sciatic pain, the Back Zone is for you. Got hip, knee, or foot pain? Dive into the Lower Body Zone.

After a few tests, we’ll create personal plan for fixing your pain, and you’ll receive email lessons every few days with videos, or you can jump ahead on the website to find the exercises in your plan.

There will be 12 different kinds of lessons you’ll explore—each addressing a different aspect of your injury.

There’s even a lesson showing techniques your health care practitioner can use with you.

You can move as fast or slow as you like through these lessons. Try whatever exercises interest you. There’s no hurry.

With the Fixing You: Interactive Online Clinic, you only pay a low monthly fee each month for access to the testing and information.

If your pain doesn’t go away, you’ll get a no-hassle refund at the end of your first month.

So if you believe there’s a solution to your pain and you’re willing to work at it, why wait any longer?

Join now and fix your pain!