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About the video:

Josh owns a sports organization that hosts tournaments and leagues.

But managing tournaments and leagues has become so challenging he can’t keep up or expand as fast as he wants

Josh spends too much time scheduling games, communicating with coaches, players, officials and fans, getting scores entered, calculating standings, and updating the schedule for last minute changes.

It’s nearly impossible to keep all of this current using spreadsheets, emails and manually updating a website.

Josh wished there was a better, more effective way to manage the process.

Well, good news Josh, now there’s Fan App Events.

FanAppEvents  provides a sports management platform that makes it easy for tournaments and leagues to manage schedules, scores, standings, communication, sponsors, and officials in real time.

With Fan App Events your teams and participants can register online. Then easily form teams, generate pool play, a schedule and brackets with the click of a button.

Notify your athletes, coaches, and parents when things change. Everyone will know exactly where to be and when with real time messages.

Scorekeepers can enter scores as soon as the game is completed directly from a mobile device.

Grow event revenue by highlighting sponsors in the app, using a loyalty program option to get teams coming back, gain insights and efficiency to easily manage more teams at your events.

Score big with Fan App Events and take your tournament or league to the next level.

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