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About the video:

Look, I just have to say it…

Golf is hard, it takes practice, it takes time, it takes skill.

And many of us aren’t going to reach pro… unfortunately.

Hey, I am that golfer, maybe like you.

In 2011, I was on the search for the best golf equipment on the market. I spent way too much on the “latest and greatest” only to be disappointed.

I ended up with way too many drivers in my bag and in my garage.

I was ready to give up… Until I decided to design my own driver. Crazy huh?

But, luckily I was able to work with the University of Vermont to design the dual cavity Grenade.

Here’s your challenge.

Find a better driver at a better price than the Grenade driver.

I offer a 60 day, on course guarantee and DIRECT to golfer pricing that allows you to use a truly premium product at an affordable price.

Ready to improve YOUR game?